One of the benefits of engaging in such a broad subject as home brewing is the secondary use for all that equipment and random knowledge. Friend needs to borrow a 7 gallon glass jug? I have one of those. Brother-in-law needs to rapidly cool down 6 gallons of boiling liquid? I can help with that. Neighborhood lemonade stand wants to know the specific gravity of their signature beverage? No problem.

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We moved to Tallahassee in 2013. Between a new baby and a new startup, I ended up taking a break from homebrewing. For over three years, as it happened. Last year, I started again as assistant brewer for a friend, @ChrisAsa1, who is much more dedicated, to the extent that it eventually shamed/inspired me into cleaning up my equipment. Three weeks ago, I decided it was time to end my dry spell, as it were.

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Chris Baker

Maths. Clouds. Homebrew.

Engineer at HashiCorp

Marianna, FL